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A great way to manage your hotel, hostel, B & B, guesthouse.


Difference between Cloud and Box:

  • is completly installed in your business property. The server is placed at the hotel - all users are still accessing the application through a web browser. So there is no installation process on a client side, just using web browser as in Cloud solution.
  • You are not dependent on your connection to the Internet. Non dropped connections, and you can still work.
  • You pay only installation on your dedicated server, and then a monthly fee for use, as well as with Cloud solution - see the price list.
  • Price installation depends on the ordered service and start from 400 Eur (installed to your server PC) to 1800 Eur (in case of delivery of our server with backup systems), plus expenses for transportation.
  • Your data and the application is saved on your server in your property.
  • Suitable for all types of establishments - hotels, hostels, guest houses, B & B, guesthouse, apartments and so on.


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